Best Online Slots 2022-2023 with High Real Time RTP

Here’s a handy table with some useful data on slots. Now you do not have to search for a long time and guess which slot machine to choose for a successful game at the casino online. Playing “at random” increases the risk of losing your deposit many times over.

Best slots in 2022-2023

Date last edited: 10.05.2023

Top 100 Real Money Slots Ranking 2023

Popular slots not worth playing according to Gambler

Table name

Slot name and software: The name of the slot and the software that produced the game. Some of them are clickable, clicking on them allows you to play the slots for free in demo mode and familiarise yourself with the software.

Release: Date of appearance of the slot in the casino

RTP: Percentage return on player bets

Max winnings and icons: The numbers denote the maximum multiplication from the bet. Volatility level icons ⬆️(high) ➡️(medium) ⬇️(low) | Payback (slot greed according to Gambler Casino) 🟢 – Good 🟡 – Normal 🔴 – Bad

Rating: 5-point scale. We recommend playing slots with a rating of 3 stars or more.

Relevance: 5-point scale. The higher the indicator, the more chances to win and the more popular the slot is currently

The higher the volatility, the rarer the winnings with small multiplications, but there is great potential for large multiplications. Typically slots with low volatility have a payout potential of up to x5000, expect to multiply more often than x300. Slots with medium volatility have a multiplication expectation up to x10000 and with high volatility from x20000. Lower volatility = more frequent winnings

How we select the best slots in 2022

Before a slot machine is added to the table, it is examined on a multitude of indicators:

  • Manufacturer rating and honesty
  • Mathematical parameters: RTP, possible game combinations
  • Interesting storyline and fun

In our opinion, the most important factor is the software with a high . You can judge by the example of the manufacturer Play n Go. A huge number of games are made at the highest level, but the payoff as it was not a few years ago, and no. And never mind the casino is configured RTP 94% or 84%. For many gaming sessions the same picture – slots with excellent potential show terrible result.

Almost all slots are tested by experience. For the player with a great experience for 2-3 game sessions becomes all clear – in front of him a quality slot, or scam

We have previously told you which software is not worthy of attention.




Top 5 casinos

Monro casino – Review real player
Monro casino – Review real player
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Play Fortuna
Play Fortuna
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