Cryptocurrency exchange Binance blocked an account due to the transfer of USDT from gambling

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance blocked an account due to the transfer of USDT from gambling

Binance requires a lot of documents to avoid account blocking

A friend of mine who is involved in online casino affiliate programs had his account blocked on the Binance cryptocurrency exchange. A blocked user does not play in the casino; he only receives payments from affiliate programs. The person has an account not in the Russian Federation, does not play in the casino, and receives only payments from affiliate programs. Some affiliate programs from which payments are made are transferred to the player’s balance and payments are already made from there. I immediately remembered a recent message on one of the forums:

“The USDT address was blocked after receiving funds from partners.
This situation happened to us recently, but it can happen to anyone. In our case, the partner was trusted and conscientious, but after receiving a small amount, our USDT address was blocked. Fortunately, within 24 hours, after communicating with the wallet support, everything was unblocked and they allowed me to withdraw funds to another address.

What is the reason? In our case, it was most likely the so-called “medium risk” USDT address from which the transaction came. Any USDT transfer may contain a certain percentage of “dirty money”. If this percentage is known to be exceeded, using a USDT address can be dangerous.”

Binance blocked the account due to the transfer of usdt from gambling

What happens, now it will be like the Skrill payment system, where funds are secretly divided into funds for gambling and ordinary ones?

A few quotes from my friend’s conversation with his friend to understand the situation:

“By clicking on the link in your personal account, there will be a red block and the request itself (screenshot above) without the right to challenge or justify or refuse. Unilateral decision – I Recognize! It’s a hopeless situation, it’s impossible to prove anything. If you admit it, you’ll fall under attack; if you don’t admit it, your account will be blocked on the 30th. I will admit that there is no other choice, I don’t know what will happen next with my account.”

“It is clear that I am now writing to the pp, changing wallets, etc., but there are many guys from all over the CIS who have not yet encountered this and may also end up with hemorrhoids or blocking of all funds.”

“ The essence of my message
is to warn everyone. Raise the issue in the community so that affiliate programs pay webmasters from a clean wallet that is not marked Gambling. It’s not realistic to figure out whose wallet is marked with such a mark; the payment comes from about 10 affiliate programs. And it doesn’t matter, they use all the same billing and processing gateways. There are only 2-3 offices that they use.

This is such a situation, which in the future may have a widespread nature for the entire Gambling industry.
I raise this issue for discussion. What to do and what to do? What are the dangers of such a mark? Will affiliate programs be able to solve this problem for affiliates?”

The situation is quite difficult. In the future, both many casino partners and players may suffer. We recommend using the Meta Mask wallet, a relatively cold wallet. But there are still risks. To completely protect yourself, you need to use cold storage wallets, such as Ledger, Trazor.
For transferring funds, it is advisable to choose cryptocurrency – ETH, BTC, DOGE. The coins are much more reliable than the stable coin USDT.

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