Are the most advertised online casinos so good? Complaints from players

Are the most advertised online casinos so good? Complaints from players

About the unfairness of the most famous and popular casinos talk for a long time. Players complain about the near-zero return of slots.

According to them, it is impossible to get into a plus in these casinos. If you manage to catch a bonus for hundreds, and sometimes thousands of spins – the multiplication will be ridiculous x20-40 of the bet amount. The only thing you can count on – when you lose, for example, $ 1500, the casino may bother to return as a “win” $ 500-800. After that it will begin to mercilessly take away dozens of deposits at full zero.

Massive complaints about a popular online casino
Purchased and false reviews have a place – unhealthy competition in this type of activity is not surprising. All would be nothing, but on the network went strong publicity starting in 2022 about a possible hard scam of players. And already in 2023 there is no limit to the negativity! On the sites-review nikah clearly seen buy reviews in the direction of the casino, such as – “I advise everyone, everything here likes”, “I play 2 months, the delight is indescribable”. Bot can be calculated on his ridiculous comments easily. Negative reviews on the contrary are left by real players. Each review announces the same problem – zero payout in slots.

Reviews of real players about the most hyped casinos online

In order not to be unsubstantiated – I confirm that the problem takes place. In one such institution (not the one discussed below in the article) I have dozens of deposits and zero withdrawals. The maximum that I saw – return 80% of the total deposit of the game session and 1 time weightless plus.

Caught an interesting correspondence of players from the chat:

Player 1: I’m down from last night already $ 400 at rates of 0.2-0.5$ per spin. Nothing is playing. Bonuses are rotten. I’ll have to start shoeing Spinomenal to at least recoup my deposits.

Player 2: The same fucking agents make deposits there, in all the chat rooms the same nicknames with deposits in this rubbish shit.

Player 1: What slots do they deposit in? Ran through the providers. There’s nothing fucking playing. Slots 5 – 10 spins eat up and 1 – 2 spins give away. I feel like the RTP is 20~30%.

Player 2: I always have bonuses in any slot x0-x20 I their mouth, after 1 withdrawal normal just account in the lower pool threw the cocks. and skanozhayut there in all kinds of shit on kd legacy, Book of Death, Aztecs of Fortune in the relax, in all, where not spit everywhere everywhere a big win.

Review sites clearly show 99% real negative feedback and 100% positive feedback from bots. Which is quite easy to see by the slang.

Threaded chats and forums have been around for 5 years. Some players on which share screenshots and videos showing their stats on deposits and withdrawals. Plus accounts were possible until about 2021-2022. In the following years everything went into minus. And a large number of players <100 people.

Due to ethnic considerations and the theme of the site, the names of (S) establishments can not announce. If you have been playing for a long time and are interested in the topic of casinos, you can easily guess what casinos we are talking about. Tell us in the comments to this post about your experience of playing in such casinos.

For our part, we do everything possible and add only verified casinos to the site. We recommend using our casino ratings!

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