Stake casino suspected of being a scam

Stake casino suspected of being a scam

Stake casino is suspected of dishonest work – they do not pay the winnings to the player, they conduct dishonest activities in Live games. Advertising is everywhere – from streamers to football players on Fifa. I never had confidence. Too many aggressive advertising and bought streamers cannot have a positive impact.

Stake casino does not pay winnings to the player

On April 2, 2023, a player under the nickname seqg was denied a withdrawal of money. demanded from the gambler a certificate of work and income, which he does not have. The player made a deposit through cryptocurrency. What is the difference and what right do they have to demand explanations from the player? One answer should be enough – I made money on cryptocurrency trading. There is no surprise to my limit – the casino asked me to get a job, and then provide a certificate of income for the last 3 months. It’s a shame! In fact, the amount is not so large $ 2150 that there are difficulties.

Stake Casino management avoids answering clear questions:

  • What about those who do not have official employment?
  • Why do they position themselves as a crypto-casino if they require such a set of documents from players?
  • How do they request a certificate of income from streamers who are charged for streaming in their project?

The stake is required to provide alternative documents other than payroll, according to the Curacao license it can be 20+ and according to the law of Curacao – any of the documents will do to verify the origin of the funds.

Here is a screenshot of the list

List of documents for withdrawing money from Stake casino

Even winning money in another casino is enough evidence to establish the origin of funds for the Stake.

Live games at Stake scam casino

A user with the nickname casinoman6562 recorded a blackjack fraud case on video. Maps are developed using CGI computer graphics (green screen). Playing at high stakes, players have no chance of winning.

Video proof of cheating activities in live games


I strongly advise against playing at Stake Casino. The administration is being dishonest. All the millions of winnings that you see on the streams are fake!

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2 Replies to “Stake casino suspected of being a scam”

  • seqg

    I’ll tell you how it was. I have large debts, the deadlines for return were running out, I decided to take a loan and place a bet. In all offices, I have long been blocked at will, so I decided to create my first and only account in Steak and try my luck.
    I saw a hockey match where the score was 5-0, the next puck of the 1st team was given x2.15, these $1150 of potential winnings solved my problems, and “WOW!” the account became 6-0 (and then 8-0), but after the money fell to the balance, the account was blocked for verification! The match I bet on is the second division of the NHL, it was not table tennis or even ITF tennis, this tournament cannot be bribed or negotiated, and it is simply impossible to get an outcome on who will score a specific puck, and there have never been such accusations throughout the history of this tournament.
    My account was blocked, I was ready to pass verification at all 4 stages. After throwing them all the necessary documents, Steak mockingly asked me to provide a payroll for official wages. I am a resident of Ukraine, now the last thing here is to find an official job, it is simply impossible in the current conditions of the war. In addition to all this, the last time I worked officially was in 2015, after that I did not work for a single day in places where payrolls are issued. They refused to make any concessions, they only needed a payroll sheet that does not exist in this universe. I suspect that if I had worked for 3 months, then with the next document they would have requested a copy of the inheritance from my grandmother, and whether I have this grandmother or not, they would not care much!
    I turned to the Mellstroy streamer for help, and his moderators helped me get my deposit back through their connections, thanks to them for that. But the winnings were confiscated from me for no reason, I believe that the Steak acted unfairly, and this can affect any player at any second. Without the help of Mellstroy, I would not have received a penny and would have lost everything, but my experience helped me get to this forum and to contact with streamers, because otherwise the casino would ignore me and steal all my money.

    Be careful and prudent before making deposits to Stake, because each of you can become a victim of these scammers, whose rules state that they can request any document, even if it does not exist, even if you are 18 years old today and you graduated yesterday school – they can still request payroll from work for the last 3 months. Steak is a scam theater of the absurd, the way they treated me is a clear demonstration of this and I would like to warn as many players as possible about this creative scam!

  • TYG

    Scam fuck evolution

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