Sanctum so – new Airdrop gem running on Solana

Sanctum so – new Airdrop gem running on Solana

Sanctum so is a liquid steaking protocol behind Solana. Use promo code BC5PDM when registering with Sanctum to increase your yield by 10%. Registration is impossible without the code!

Wonderland launched yesterday, where you can get a pet for buying any LST pair offered (there are 18 pets in total) and doing nothing to farm XP, for which you will then get a drop.

Sanctum wonderland - buy pets for Solana and earn points

Sanctum wonderland farming with an exciting pet buying game

How to start earning in Sanctum so

To start earning, you need to buy animals that will bring you points every second. In Q3 2024 after 2 months, all accumulated points will be exchanged for new coins that can be sold on cryptocurrency exchanges.
To purchase you need to use the cryptocurrency SOLANA (SOL) for example on the official Solfare wallet .

I used 1.5 SOLANA (SOL), I managed to earn 20.000 ESP in 1 day.

How to buy

Each of the pets will farm XP for every 1 SOL = 10 xp, respectively 0,1 SOL=1xp per minute. Your pet’s level will also increase, and in the future when you reach a certain level the pet will evolve. The maximum pet level is 999LVL.

Working with the project is very simple. You need to perform the following actions:

  1. Create a Solfare wallet and top up your SOL balance
  2. Choose your favourite pet and buy it. To get profitability the purchase amount should be not less than 0.105 SOL

For 1 day with a deposit of 1.5 SOL I managed to earn 20.000 ESP.

Sanctum so - airdrop running on Solana cryptocurrency

Sanctum so: new gem airdrop crypto

How to buy LST asset corresponding to a certain pet?

On the main page, click on the pet and on the top right there is a button to purchase a specific pair. The minimum amount of 0.1 SOL (the pet is displayed at you not immediately (5 minutes waiting). In the future there will be community quests several times a week

List of exchanges where you can sell coins

The list of exchanges has not been determined at this time. We recommend registering on all the crypto exchanges we offer. In this case, you will be prepared beforehandexchanges we offer

Sanctum Crypto F.A.Q.

What is Sanctum crypto created for?

The platform is created for farming new cryptocurrency by participating in airdrop.

When can I get profit?

All profits will be available in the 3rd quarter of 2024.

How long will Sanctum so work?

At least 2 months

Is it safe to use the cryptocurrency marketplace Sanctum (solana)?

Yes, there is no fraud here! The platform is already used by more than 100.000 people

How much can I earn?

I plan to earn at least 200% of the deposit amount. Such airdrops are able to show a profit of more than 1000%!

To summarise, the minimum input for farming XP here is 0.105 SOL and the only asset you can do is to buy LST pair, you will get a pet and then just farm XP.

Sign up for Sanctum and start mining the new cryptocurrency sooner rather than later

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